Friday, June 12, 2009

The Bull Fight

So tonight we went to a bull fight! It was a major one here in Seville and there was a sold out crowd! It was also the hottest day in Seville yet- with a high of 99, which is ridiculously hot when there isn't air-conditioning anywhere!

The bull fight was a fun and interesting experience. The head of the Texas Tech center here in Seville had a class about it earlier today so that we could actually understand what would happen when we were there. It's kind of sad how the bulls always die. There were six bulls tonight and three bull fighters.

The Bull Fighting Arena
Megan, Me, and Dr. Delgadillo at the bull fight- it was so packed!

The bull fighter trying to get the bull to follow him.

One of the bull fighters after he did a good job!

When the crowd likes a bull fighter, they all wave something in the air. This was the only time they really liked one, but it was obvious that they were very pleased with him!

One of the horses. They are incredibly padded so that when the bulls go after them, the hopefully won't get hurt! The bulls practically pick up the horses sometimes with their horns! It's crazy!

If the bull fighter can get the bull to follow his cape two times in a row, the audience gets excited and starts saying "Ole!" after every time the bull follows. If he gets the bull to follow 4-5 times in a row he's doing a great job and the crowd is very happy!

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Julia said...

That's awesome! I think it's so cool you got to go to a major bull fight - and it's so Spanish, if you know what I mean!!!