Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Strike and Pizza!

Today in between our class and final exam, Dr. Delgadillo took us all out to lunch! There is this great little pizza shop just a couple of blocks from the school that is just delicious! Delgadillo took us for our study break and then told us to go study for five hours until the final!

On our way from school to the pizza shop we passed a huge strike that was going on! All of these people were walking down the street blowing whistles and yelling things and carrying signs! There were tons of people! I asked Delgadillo what was going on, and he told us that these people were street cleaners, and they wanted more money!

Yummy Pizza! He made our pizzas fresh though, so they looked even better than this!

Delgadillo treated us to as many pieces of pizza as we wanted, a drink, and a dessert! Yum! Here's the delicious chocolate cake I had!

Delgadillo talking to the owner, I'm pretty sure they became friends!

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