Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Granada Cathedral

The Granada Cathedral was a beautiful place. What I am ususally most impressed with in these cathedrals are the fabulous organs! This cathedral did not dissapoint me!

Here are the two organs, the organists would sit facing each other across the pews in the cathedral. I just can't even fathom how incredible the sound of the music must be sitting in those pews in the middle! I wish I could've heard it!

Another interesting thing at this particular cathedral was that this music was available to see. The notes are different, some are triangles and some are literally longer than others. Matt and I tried to figure out how exactly to read this. The staff is still the same! But there is no clef that I recognize. When did music become more standardized?

These were the books for the choir during mass. Here is the stand that they were put on. There were books on all sides of the stand and it was constantly being turned so that the choir members could see most of the music at once, and just remember what they couldn't see!

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Wanderley Cosmo said...

Parabéns pelas fotos. São realmente fantásticas. Não me dei ao trabalho de traduzir os textos, todavia creio serem esplanações que, naturalmente, ficam em segundo plano graças à magnitude das obras retratadas.
Sucesso sempre.