Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Monastery

We went to an old monastery that is also a current convent. The nuns in the convent are cloistered, but we saw a few of them as they cleaned the chapel after a mass. It was very interesting!

The chapel was originally going to be a cathedral, but then the queen of Spain changed her mind and wanted the cathedral to be in a more central part of Granada. So, the chapel was not finished, and was given to the Geronomites. The Geronomites eventually let one of their rich women decorate and finish the chapel in memory of her late husband. She told the designer to do whatever he had always wanted to do on a chapel but hadn't ever done. So he was paid to just have fun and do what he loved and wanted to do! It is a very unique and beautifully decorated chapel!

K'Lann and Me in the chapel

We also saw the place in Granada where the caravans of camels would stay. The people would stay in the rooms on the sides, and the camels would stay in the open area here in the middle. Basically, a really old hotel!

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