Monday, June 1, 2009


Sunday afternoon we went back to Tetouan and actually went on a tour of the city this time. We walked through the medina. This one was more dangerous, because there was another tour guide that met us there to follow us from behind to make sure that no one got lost.

These are some normal scenes from the streets in the medina...

They also took us to a spice shop for a demonstration about spices, it was neat...they had a lot of spices to choose from, this is only one of the walls!

It was like another world in the medina. I couldn't wait to get out the entire time! I'm not sure if I had just been in Africa and experiencing all of these crazy things for long enough, or if Tetouan was really worse than the other cities, but we were all ready to go by the end of it.

While we were waiting for the tour guide at one point, we sat and watched these guys make leather shoes. It was really interesting....quite a process!

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Julia said...

That fruit looks good! I'm glad you were able to go back to Spain after this! - And you added a continent to your "I've been there" list!