Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Chapel

We also went to see a chapel in Granada. Unfortunately, pictures were not allowed in there, but we learned an interesting story!
Ferdinand and Isabella had a daughter. She was certifiably crazy. When her husband died, she did not know what to do without him, so she (the queen at the time) commanded her servants to put his casket next to her on all of her trips through Spain. He rode beside her in their carriage. And at night, she had her servants put his casket in her room with her so that she would always have her husband with her. Finally, they knew she was truly crazy when she made her servants take his remains out of his casket and put them on her bed one night, saying that she "needed to sleep with her husband".
We saw this casket that she dragged all over the kingdom! We also saw her casket, and Ferdinand and Isabella's caskets! It was a really interesting chapel.

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